Our R&D department can count on the services of professional designers from our sector.

Thanks to their consolidated experience in the field of producing machinery to clients’ requests, we can design individual items of equipment, product ranges, complete facilities for bread making, cuisine, industrial confectionery, proofing chambers and much more, all according to clients’ specific requirements.

Our service covers all the stages from the initial plans up to the creation of the prototype/product and even – when the client requests it – be there to oversee the product being installed.

For our staff, every project is a new challenge, but the commitment and professionalism applied every time are the same and have been widely recognized by the clients who have already enjoyed our services.

Whatever our clients’ needs, we can find the right solution for them – the best-performing and the most cost-effective without ever compromising on quality.



PROJECT MANAGER with twenty years’ proven experience in the field of producing continuous-production breadmaking facilities as well as refrigeration chambers to slow proofing, automatic tray-transport systems and bread moulders.
Able to develop tailor-made projects based on clients’ unique needs, working with each client to analyse every step of the process, whether it involves bread, pizza, breadsticks, etc..Technician skilled in setting up and testing the facilities entrusted to him.

PROJECT MANAGER with proven experience in the field of industrial cleaning and manufacturing pizza ovens. An expert in designing electronic circuit boards for our sector, he can also develop a complete range of industrial cleaning machines and pizza ovens used mainly in the HORECA sector. Expert in the area of testing and also in designing equipment and following development up to certification.

PROJECT MANAGER with proven experience in the field of convection ovens for breadmaking, confectionery and cuisine. He has the necessary competences to help clients complete tailor-made projects aimed at creating a complete range of equipment for vertical and horizontal baking, whether in gas- or electric-powered ovens. Our service for clients begins with making a rendering, then proceeds with assessing the mechanical and control applications to include. Assistance with drawing up a costed Bill of Materials, help finding the right suppliers to develop the project, manuals and certifications.

PROJECT MANAGER 3D ARTIST with proven experience in the realization of photorealistic rendering and 3d video for the HORECA sector.
For years he has collaborated with various companies and professionals creating impactful images for catalogs and websites.
A precise and accurate 3D modeling, a careful and aware use of textures and a correct use of lighting, are the right ingredients used by our 3D ARTIST to create images with a natural and incisive effect.
“The advantage of rendering is the visualization of the finished product and with photographic quality, before it is physically made, thus having the possibility of creating a range of customized solutions for each customer.”