Our marketing office can take care of all your company’s promotion needs.

Even when a product is excellent, it still needs excellent communication in order for potential customers to discover and purchase it.

In addition to the sales network, we provide communication services which range from graphics to online advertising, from designing a company logo to structuring online sales platforms.

We take care of your company’s image and develop graphic and digital tools which will allow your product to be presented in the best light.

The products we can offer you are:

  • Company image and coordinated stationery (logo, business cards, letterheads, etc.)
  • Graphic aids on paper (catalogues, brochures, price lists, etc.)
  • Advertising tools (adv pages in major publications, advertorials, etc.)
  • Website (from showcase pages to e-commerce)
  • Online promotion (SEO, positioning, indexing)
  • Web marketing (ads on social media)
  • Management of newsletters and promotional campaigns
  • Management of social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)

ART DIRECTOR with many years’ experience handling marketing projects for companies operating in a wide range of retail sectors.

He’s worked with many marketing and advertising agencies and has gained in-depth knowledge of digital marketing thanks to important partnerships and synergies.

He can provide a complete advisory service to companies for all their image and communication needs. He directs brands and guides resources towards attainment of the right market position and a consolidated web reputation in order to optimize the investments made, find customers and sell the products.