Our competences allow us to offer a service where the objective is to create tailor-made fittings for public spaces in the HORECA sector, including large surface areas such as major retail outlets. Our goal is always to unite the art of design with the client’s needs.

Thanks to this vision – which is part of our architects’ DNA – we can adjust the design until we find the “perfect fit” for each client. Our architects all have consolidated experience and guide the client step by step through the process of selecting materials and assessing the efficiency of the product.

We put enthusiasm and dedication into every project our clients entrust to us. We see each project as a new challenge to us to improve even further in order to give our utmost to those who place their trust in us.

All this leads us to create fittings or plans for entire professional kitchens, each of which is unique but distinguished by our trademark style. We also make sure we keep up with the changing trends in the international market.

ARCHITECT with proven experience in the field of furnishings, fittings and interior design in the collective catering sector.

He’s worked on various research projects for companies which have placed their trust in his talent and professionalism, focusing in particular on structural strength and the aesthetic qualities of the materials.

The creations developed fill the spaces with simple forms drawn by lines that wind around the spaces or break away into new directions.

Expert in modelling and applying materials such as stainless steel, plexiglass, wood, glass and textiles.

Each project he completes fully meets the clients’ requirements and the specifications laid down to ensure functionality.