Rotary rack ovens

The Rotating Oven XONE guarantees perfect baking uniformity for any type of product from the firs to the last tray. For heating liquid and gaseous fuel can be used and on request the unit can function by means of electrical resistances. The heat exchanger, built with special refectory steel resistant to high temperatures, is designed to give high thermal efficiency, this enabling the best result to be obtained from the minimum use of energy. All the equipments concerned with the circulation of air, and rotation of the racks, is placed on the upper part of the oven, and the readily accessible all maintenance operations are consequently simplified. The steam generations give high efficiency and are controlled by an automatic device. Steam supply can be set from zero to 60 sec. Both the outside front of oven and internal walls of baking chamber are entirely made of stainless steel. The control panel and electrics parts are built according CE norms all components parts used are only of elevated quality made in Italy.

Technical features

  • Baking regularity.
  • Perfect insulation / energy-saving with high density fiber glass mattress.
  • Control panelĀ : mechanic, digital or computer.
  • Power sourceĀ : diesel, gas or electricity.
  • Baking chamber door, double glass the doorknob made in special design for easy use.
  • Easy to load / unload trolleys by platform or hook.
  • Easy maintenance and clean.
  • The light inside the baking chamber to guarantee complete and clear visibility.
  • Bakin chamber, heat exchanger, front and door made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic evacuations system.
  • Built-in steam generator.
  • The electric system and the safety devices are conform to the European regulations.


  • diesel fuel
  • electric
  • gas
  • pellet


  • digital
  • mechanic
  • touch screen
Model Trays (cm) Baking surface (mq) Production External dimension (cm) Weight (Kg) Trays/rack Thermal Power (Kw) Thermal Power (Kcal/h) Electric Power (Kw)
XR 4060 40×6 4,30 (58x80x81) 61 117x158x220 980 18/15 28,50 40.000 1,60
XR 5070 50×70 6,30 (68x94x95) 83 13x173x220 1050 18/15 31,50 42.000 1,60
XR 6080 60×80 8,60 (80x107x108) 123 145x195x220 1260 18/15 50,40 60.000 2,20
XR 8080 80×80 11,50 (100x121x121,5) 160 163x222x220 1440 18/15 55,00 75.000 3,00
XR 80100 80×100 14,40 (100x136x137) 216 171x240x220 1650 18/15 60,00 80.000 3,00
XR 80120 80×120 17,25 (100x155x156) 235 191x256x220 1950 36 81,50 95.000 3,50