Rotary rack ovens by pelets

The features of structure and design are the same as the Rotor XONE traditional, built in stainless steel, with a hook system for the rotation of the carriage but with the addition of burner pelets system with high energy efficiency, to reduce the energy cost and respect the environment in an environmentally  friendly manner. It can be installed on any rotary ovens. To assist in the proper cleaning the residue of the fuel, the heat exchanger is equipped with a door for easy cleaning of the ashes of waste both of the pipes and the base of the same.

Technical features

  • Baking regularity.
  • Perfect insulation / energy-saving with high density fiber glass mattress.
  • Control panel¬†: mechanic, digital or computer.
  • Power source¬†: diesel, gas or electricity.
  • Baking chamber door, double glass the doorknob made in special design for easy use.
  • Easy to load / unload trolleys by platform or hook.
  • Easy maintenance and clean.
  • The light inside the baking chamber to guarantee complete and clear visibility.
  • Bakin chamber, heat exchanger, front and door made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic evacuations system.
  • Built-in steam generator.
  • The electric system and the safety devices are conform to the European regulations.


  • pellet


  • digital
  • mechanic
  • touch screen