Modulary oven

Main feature of the modular electric oven XONE is the modularity of completely independent baking chambers. And the possibility to overlap the baking chambers to Max. 4 decks. Max. Temperature 400 ° C. External panels in stainless steel. Baking chamber made of aluminized sheet, halogen lighting. Available in two distinct versions for internal height (15-25 cm). Electrical resistance in armored stainless steel. Each module is independent: you can adjust the temperature of the hob and the ceiling in an independent manner, so to achieve best  baking. Excellent for pastry, with the addition of the steamer you can bake all type of  bread.  Depending on the module type may contain two to four to six trays 40×60 cm. Control panel on the right-hand column. Electrical panel located laterally to the right, with a trottle of consumption endowed with diversified regulation of the power, automatic lighting of the power; programmable baking time. Proofer in stainless steel equipped with a thermostat for temperature regulation and internal lamp. The support stand in stainless steel, can be equipped with grids for trays, and wheels .

Options: Steamer for each deck / Wheels / Deck in refractory material


  • electric


  • digital
  • mechanic
  • touch screen
XFPM Dim. ext. module (cm) Dim. int. module (cm) Baking surface (Mq/Sq) Power (Kw) Trays x deck 60x40cm Trays x deck 60x80cm Dim. Hood (cm) Dim. Proofer (cm) Trays x proofer 60×40 cm Trays x proofer 60×80 cm
x21 97x114x42 62x90x15 O,55 6 2 1 97x129x16 97x114x90 16 8
x22 97x114x52 62x90x25 O,55 6 2 1 97x129x16 97x114x90 10 5
x41 159x114x42 124x90x15 1,1 9 4 2 159x129x16 159x114x90 32 16
x42 159x114x52 124x90x25 1,1 9 4 2 159x129x16 159x114x90 20 10
x61 159x154x42 124x130x15 1,65 13,5 6 2 159x169x16 159x154x90 32 16
x62 159x154x52 124x130x25 1,65 13,5 6 2 159x169x16 159x154x90 20 10