ONE TOUCH was born from the idea of ​​bringing together the EXPERIENCES and SKILLS of the expert PROFESSIONALS in the HORECA, WHITE ART and GDO sector. We have chosen to join together to give more life and impetus to the ideas and needs of our customers. ONE TOUCH today offers you a series of services which, if they were all within an PMI, would probably have to incur enormous costs in a difficult moment like this. ONE TOUCH offers you the opportunity not to interrupt your industrial development processes, but unites you with seriousness, professionalism and concreteness taking into account all the aspects that affect a company’s costs. ONE TOUCH also offers you an international sales network able to take your products by the hand and make them known in the sector in which we have been operating for years and where for years we boast solid relationships with the DEALERS of the sector. ONE TOUCH together with its industrial partners, who with the help of specific machinery in sheet metal working (INOX, IRON, ALUMINUM) lead you to create your product prototype and its industrialization. In the end ONE TOUCH – ALL IN ONE TOUCH is right for you, SERVICES, CONSULTING, FINANCE, MARKETING, SALES, CHEF.





We think of ideas and make them into personalized projects.

This is a project that can be yours! Do you want a complete range of convection ovens?

We start from the development of the project, to the choice of materials, to the realization of the prototype, to positioning on the reference market.

Propose your idea, we make it a reality!



Here are some examples of creations made for some of our customers in the sector.
In this project, all the most advanced systems to achieve a high performance product have been considered.

The moment of the meeting, where our expert Project Manager collects all the wishes of the cleinte to transform ideas into reality, into a tailor-made project.

  You will find everything you need together with us and with us you will be able to carry out all your projects.



From the idea, to the design, to the functionality. With our architect you can make your dreams come true, your projects.

You will be accompanied in the development of YOUR project from the early stages, and subsequently by the choice of lines, shapes, materials and colors. This is possible given the competence of the figure who collaborates with us and who has years of experience in the H.O.RE.CA and SEMI PROFESSIONAL sector.

Trust our experts, trust the SKILLS and EXPERIENCES of our professionals and he will be sure to see your project as you imagined!

The project is designed to give a diversity of solutions for external use.
Different accessories and applications are designed to give versatility to the product on sale.

In this example, an outdoor brazier composition is shown using suitable outdoor materials.

The choice of the colors of the compositions is made according to the customer and according to his needs.




From the lines of a modern design and from the mind of our Architect this project is more current than ever.

The materials have been chosen of primary quality, the realization of the supports for the walls are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The ease of the composition is the strong point of this proposal, as well as the choice of very small dimensions, so as not to occupy precious space.

Everything is customizable on the basis of the customer’s instructions.

We also thought about the solution with coverage for the needs of the restaurant sector, thus allowing the use of outdoor spaces in front of your business.


From modern lines to UNIQUE design, we offer this project of refrigerated and non-refrigerated counters for the PASTRY, GASTRONOMY and SUPERMARKET sector.

Made entirely of 304 STAINLESS STEEL, the structure is different from those on the market.

Above all, we can create customized benches of this type and to the size requested by the customer based on their needs.



If you believe in your potential and your skills, join us! Invest some of your time to create concrete job opportunities with us.


We combine SKILLS, EXPERIENCES, to bring your ideas to life and bring them to the international market. Check from our HOME PAGE if you are in the areas we have created and that already several PROFESSIONALS have decided to be part of our new way of conceiving work. Do not miss this opportunity, write to our email and we will be happy to get to know you and share projects and ideas. Ideas are the driving force behind the business world; From there, large projects, companies and opportunities were born in the past for those who love being able to achieve themselves as a professional.

Choose ONE TOUCH and you will discover our system that leads to see a new way of interpreting the work!



We are able to create a complete line of washing systems with different types of control; from the fully mechanical version to the digital version.

Different sizes and pluses.

Made of stainless steel, fully welded sealed tanks, single wall and double wall.

The range offered is complete with both models and accessories relating to the models themselves.

Our Project Manager is able to give the design that the customer likes best, to follow all the prototyping phases, looking for suppliers, components and up to the setting of the production phases.


We offer the complete range of modular pizza ovens of different sizes. Both with an electromechanical control panel, the digital version and the latest generation touch screen. The products are made of stainless steel with a brick chamber and immersion heaters between the various stone parts. We also offer the version with stainless steel chamber. The range offered is complete with both models and accessories relating to the models themselves. Our Project Manager is able to give the design that the customer likes best, to follow all the prototyping phases, looking for suppliers, components and up to the setting of the production phases.


Established company specializing in the production of a range of kitchens and components in the semi-professional sector, it intends to sell all the KNOW HOW to those interested in continuing the industrial activity.

The transition is guaranteed by the technical support that still exists within the company, as well as by the commercial support by the owner himself.

The projects are of various types and the types of materials are of primary quality.

Interested parties can contact us at the email address of our company.

Seriousness is guaranteed and the negotiations will be confidential.

Per informazioni:
+39 327 5868197