ONE TOUCH can count on a close working relationship with ten companies in Italy which form part of a single industrial unit and are all equipped with next-generation machinery for working steel.

What’s more, within the same group we can also provide a technical planning studio – the first of its kind in Italy – with 55 engineers dedicated to developing projects of any size and in any sector.

Thanks to this synergy, we can proceed from planning all the way to standardized production of the finished product according to the client’s specifications.

DYNACONS is a company with just one goal: to ensure optimal handling of everything regarding legal, administrative and tax matters. This vision, which guides all our actions, unites experience and innovation. In fact, this is the first time there has been a company in Italy that works in partnership with sector professionals to offer a complete portfolio of solutions to help clients improve the speed of their operations and overall performance.

We do this by:
• keeping the client constantly updated about the overall state of affairs, sending them a copy of every paper, letter and other documents produced by the studio staff;
• arranging sessions with the client’s staff in charge of the relative area to update them on any developments.

CREDIT BROKERAGE: we work in partnership with a credit broker so that we can offer financial solutions to the companies that turn to us and help them develop their business. We provide:

  • Needs analysis in the requested areas
  • Advice on the best financial solutions
  • Intermediation with credit providers
  • Organization of documentation for the credit agreement (leasing plan, insurance, loan, etc.)
  • Comprehensive support throughout the process
  • Rental Solutions

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ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT BOARDS: through our partnership with this company, we can create your unique circuit board and customized business software. With over 30 years’ experience, the company designs made-to-measure electronic circuit boards and software. We can provide a complete, ‘latchkey-finish’ service, from design to creation, distinguished by the highest standards of quality.

MACCHIONE Real Estate Agency

The Macchione Real Estate Agency has been operating mainly in Perugia, Umbria for over 40 years and throughout the national territory. Macchione Real Estate deals with real estate sales (apartments, villas, farmhouses, castles, period villas, palaces), leases, sales of commercial and business activities, farms and wineries, sales of hotel, agritourism and accommodation facilities throughout Italy.
It proposes itself as the ideal partner for the purchase and sale of your business.
Macchione Real Estate Agency, experience, seriousness and knowledge of sales dynamics in this sector, is able to support the customer in order to make the best choices.