ONE TOUCH: everything you need with just ONE TOUCH!

The products we create for our clients are designed and manufactured bearing in mind the current market conditions. We propose innovative, high-performance systems that allow the end users to achieve optimum cooking results.

The range of ovens offered by ONE TOUCH uses an exclusive touch-screen control system. Their characteristics have been tried and tested over time and the functions available are in line with what the majority of CHEFS expects to find in the kitchen or the bakery.

The range of specialisation in the touch-screen-only line takes into account the evolution of the international market and the challenges every oven user has to continuously face.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technical features, ONE TOUCH now allows us to give immediate responses to oven users, provide technical/sales assistance and show them that we care about their needs.

ONE: the first, intuitive gesture to get what you need with the maximum of ease and speed.
TOUCH: a word with multiple layers of meaning; having the ‘touch’ here means picking the right path to achieve the excellence you desire logically and efficiently.

Thanks to a single touch, you’ll instantly have at your fingertips not only the answers you’re looking for but also – and above all – solutions that will allow you to tackle your day-to-day challenges.

ONE TOUCH: opens the door to the world of bread, pastries and cuisine, thanks to the special settings for various different types of foods.

ONE TOUCH is a vital means of communication to support all those who work in a kitchen every day, to provide them with real assistance through our team of specialist chefs, to give them concrete responses to specific issues around cooking and, at the same time, to provide technical support to everyone who needs immediate answers or solutions.