Planning and organization are crucial factors if you want to successfully complete a business project: our team provides concrete support to clients in setting up or improving systems for the management, structuring and productivity of their companies. We start with the business idea and stay with our clients until the idea has become reality.

How we operate:

  • Identify the client’s needs
  • Study and assess the desired operation
  • Propose solutions with free estimates
  • Personalized advisory services: teaching, planning, support and marketing provided online or in person by members of our team.

From choosing the most appropriate equipment to selecting the best ingredients and the most effective techniques, our team will guide you through the world of the art of cooking and baking, helping you to create products that will allow you to add character to your range and set yourself apart from the competition. As well as the theoretical foundations and practical examples, we will introduce you to the chemistry and commodity economics of foodstuffs so that you can always invent healthy, balanced recipes. The courses can be offered both to our own clients and to their potential clients (e.g. to illustrate the characteristics of a new oven or encourage purchases).

Do you want to create an unforgettable menu, or is your aim to unite quality ingredients and elegant presentation in dishes that are healthy and packed with nutrition? Have you got an idea but don’t really know what the best way to make it reality is? Maybe you want to reduce waste and optimize your spaces in order to increase productivity? Our team of chefs can analyse your needs and turn them into concrete projects.

Have you purchased one of our products and want to get the most out of it? Do you need an expert guide to help you select and train your new recruits? Are you already professionals in the HORECA sector but wish to understand certain techniques you’re unfamiliar with? Through our support service (online and in person onsite), our chefs will provide you with the necessary support to allow to you perfect methods and experiment with new ideas.

Company marketing
Are you going to take part in an industry show, or do you want to arrange a meeting in your company with your current and/or potential customers so that you can present your products in the best light? Our team will pick the right chef for your demonstrations, whether online or live onsite. In this section, you can also share your videos and editorials, promote your company through our chefs chosen to endorse it and rapidly reach an international audience.


Our ‘MASTER CHEF’ has proven experience as a teacher and demonstrator recognized on an international level.

International Relations Manager and member of the Organizing Committee for the World Confectionery Championships held by the Italian Federation of Confectionery Ice Cream and Chocolate, in 2015 and 2017 she received the most prestigious awards in the confectionery and chocolate sector.

She has worked in Italy and abroad managing the development of customized products for clients who trusted in her skill and professionalism. She has the necessary competences to give clients all the support they need, even when it comes to starting up production facilities in the fields of confectionery and chocolate.