from concept to creation.

Our company boasts 25 years’ experience in the field of
advisory services, planning and development for the HORECA sector.

ONE TOUCH: everything you need, how you need it, when you need it, with just one touch.

ONE TOUCH is the ideal business partner for conceiving and developing the most suitable solutions for our HORECA clients in the areas of BREADMAKING, CUISINE, CONFECTIONERY AND INTENSIVE DISTRIBUTION.

With its direct experience, our management team has what it takes to give clients the solutions they’re looking for.

ONE TOUCH is a company providing advisory services to the whole HORECA sector and has the capacity to develop projects from concept to creation, bringing tools, materials and synergies to a number of different segments in the sector.

At ONE TOUCH we always start by carefully listening to and understanding our clients’ needs. We have the necessary know-how to draw up a technical blueprint, prepare an estimate based on the design and functions required, manufacture the product and promote it through our marketing office.

This is all made possible by the strength of the corporate group ONE TOUCH belongs to, where shared synergies give rise to new projects and innovative ideas, and there are tools available to make them reality.

The services we offer to our customers: